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Workspace, A Development Environment for the Cloud
Tuesday, 25 June 2017

Workspace is an experimental IDE, using the lastest browser technologies and the power of the cloud.


Simple, Intuitive, Fast

Focus on code. No unnecessary buttons or panels. You only see what you need to see to get the job done. Workspace is designed to work in Full Screen mode.

Speed matters. The goal is to give users a native-like experience.

Cloud Ready

Client/Server architecture. Access your development environment from anywhere in the world.


Workspace depends on modules to add functionality. Easily install, update, remove plugins using NPM.

Write your own commands and plugins using the Javascript API.


Workspace themes are simple CSS files. Every element on the screen can be adjusted to your preference.

Code Assist

Workspace helps you write code by providing inline code assistance, static analysis, and instant documentation.

A Comprehensive VIM mode

Workspace supports key VIM features, like state editing, command mode, keymap binding, etc.

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Basic Requirements


Simple installation through NPM.

$ npm install -g @cxl/workspace
$ cd /your/workspace/folder
$ workspace


Most extensions are in alpha status. Extensions will be updated weekly.

Available extensions:

Use the :plugins command to install/uninstall plugins or use npm in the command line:

// Installs plugin for current workspace
cd your/workspace/folder
npm install @cxl/workspace.vim